Stockmanship and Stewardship

Stockmanship and Stewardship programs can be sponsored by local organizations or companies on a cost share with NCBA through the Beef Quality Assurance program.

Contact us at or 817-235-8783 and we will help initiate the process of cost sharing if you want to do so.

Stockmanship and Stewardship Sponsorship

The Stockman and Stewardship trainings teach effective stockmanship methods that improve gathering, penning, sorting, chute work, and hauling. Emphasis is placed on ways to increase cattle performance by reducing handling stress.  While there are also discussions of Beef Industry Stewardship, showing how cattlemen can actually shape consumer's perception of beef, the main focus is on improving stockmanship skill and reducing the stress on livestock . Other topics include how the principles presented actually have a significant economic - as well as “quality of life” - benefit when applied in one's operation. 

Stockmanship and Stewardship was begun in 2008 by Curt Pate, Ron Gill and Todd McCartney in a cooperative agreement between these three and the National Cattleman’s Beef Association.  Since 2008 we have worked with livestock auction markets across the United States where seminars were conducted in 32 states and in 48 auction markets with producer trainings conducted in conjunction with all of these trainings. The unique approach uses live cattle demo's to inform cattlemen about the importance and benefits of proper cattle handling – and its critical role in increasing the consumers' confidence in beef.

Starting in 2009 Stockmanship and Stewardship started partnering with NRCS and the National Grazing Lands Coalition (formerly the Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative) to conduct trainings in cattle handling and placement as a tool in grazing management. This partnership is expanding the audience and highlighting another tool to using in capturing the economic benefit of improved stockmanship and livestock management.

What has set this effort apart is the dedication of the originators to not only producers but the manner in which the program includes special hands-on training sessions where attendees are coached in stockmanship methods and educated on their pivotal role in sustaining beef quality for the consumer. This program complements and supplements other ongoing efforts to improve livestock handling throughout the beef industry including efforts through the Texas Cattle Feeders Associations BQA, Livestock Market Association and state Beef Quality Assurance programs.

Another aspect of Stockmanship and Stewardship that sets this effort apart is the partnership between national associations such as NCBA, LMA, Livestock Marketing Council(LMC), regional/state associations such as Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association, Mississippi Cattlemen’s Association, Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, local cattlemen’s associations such as Nebraska’s Thayer County Feeders and auction market companies such as Sulfur Springs Livestock Market, Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Association.  The program continues to expand as it begins work with companies constructing livestock feeding facilities such as Summit Livestock Facilities a division of FBI Buildings.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of this effort is that no one is trying to sell anything through this program.  It is purely an educational effort in support of the needs of all phases of the industry to focus on animal well-being and capitalize on these efforts through improved performance of livestock.

The Stockmanship and Stewardship effort will continue to be delivered as in previous years and will continue to be led by talented presenters who each have unique skills to share with the audience. Curt Pate will continue to work in this effort across the nation.  Curt will be joined by Ron Gill and other outstanding leaders in Beef Quality Assurance and Producer Education when needed to share the “three legged stool” approach of animal care and handling, BQA best management practices, and current producer education issues and highlights.

National Cattlemen's Beef Association's has joined with sponsors to promote and provide this important seminar series to the cattle industry across the nation.  For information on making this series available to your producers or livestock market contact:  Debbie Gill at Phone: 817-235-8783 or your state BQA coordinator.

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