Effective stockmanship is a concept and educational effort that is being promoted through the efforts of Ron Gill. A passion for improving the stockmanship skills of cattlemen across the country is the driving force behind this effort.  Ron has been working with other stockmen and cattlemen's organizations over the past three years conducting trainings across the country and is currently helping to deliver the industry sponsored program stockmanship and stewardship. In addition to the Stockmanship and Stewardship program, Ron conducts stockmanship schools, demonstrations and training for producers, livestock markets, feedyards and organizations across the nation.

About the Stockman
For over 20 years Ron Gill has provided technical expertise in beef cattle nutrition, management and handling to livestock producers as livestock specialist for Texas AgriLife Extension.  Ron is sought after as a presenter on numerous cattle related topics, not only in Texas, but across the nation. Much of his success as a presenter comes from his credibility as a rancher. Born and raised on West Texas ranches, Ron, his wife Debbie and brother Richard own and operate Gill Cattle Company a commercial cattle operation in North Central Texas. 

His interest in stockmanship has come from two different sources.  Involvement in development and delivery of beef quality assurance education highlighted how stockmanship had a direct impact on beef quality and food safety.  Service on advisory boards and working groups at the national level for organizations such as
National Cattlemen’s Beef Association has magnified the urgency of adopting changes in livestock handling as animal welfare issues and the industry comes under more and more scrutiny by activist groups.

Work to reduce sickness in high-risk cattle on his own ranching operation increased his desire to improve his own stockmanship skills. Changes in stockmanship allowed them to capture the economic benefits of improved livestock handling through reduced sickness, reduced labor and improved gains.
  Ron Gill
About the Stockman

Effective Stockmanship is based on handling cattle giving consideration to four basic principles of cattle behavior.

1. Cattle want to see you
2. Cattle want to go around you
3. Cattle want to go to and be around other cattle
4. Cattle can only think of one thing at a time

If those simple behavior principles are the focus of your handling livestock effective stockmanship can be achieved.  In today’s harsh economic conditions and increasing scrutiny of the industry it is important to improve management skills that can improve performance and income without adding costs to the process.  Stockmanship is one area in which this can be done to achieve improvements in animal welfare and performance.  The great third benefit is the improvement in quality of life and sustainability of the ranching lifestyle.

Why this is important to you and the beef cattle industry
About the Stockman
NEW VIDEO - Cattle Stockmanship Clinic in Mckinney, Texas
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About the Stockman
  Effective Stockmanship will be working with NCBA and LMA in coordinating and conducting programs across the nation.
These events are called Stockmanship and Stewardship.
  Schedule of Events
Date location Information
April 29, 2014 Hill Farm Research Station
11959 Hwy 9
Homer, Louisiana
Northwest Beef and Forage Day
Contact: Jason E. Holmes, County Agent, Regional Livestock Specialist
Phone: 318-243-4931
Email: jholmes@agcenter.lsu.edu
Web: www.lsuagcenter.com/en/our_offices/research_stations/Hillfarm/
Phone: 318-927-7147(to register)
May 13, 2014 Brownwood, Texas Brown County Cow-Calf Clinic
Contact: Scott Anderson
Phone: 325-646-0386
Email: sa-anderson@tamu.edu
May 29-30, 2014 Texas A&M Campus
College Station, Texas
Texas A&M Grassfed Beef Conference
Contact: Rick Machen, Ph.D.
Phone: 830-278-9151
Email: rmachen@ag.tamu.edu
To register go to: agriliferegister.tamu.edu
Keyword: Grassfed
Register by phone: 979-845-2604
November 4-7, 2014 Opryland Hotel
Nashville, Tennessee
National Cattleman’s Beef Association Annual Convention
Email: meetings@beef.org  
Register: www.beefusa.org
  Thank you for your interest in Effective Stockmanship. If you would like more information on our program, please call us at 979-260-4046.  
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